Will he respect me? please help

I started dating this guy fast and unexpectedly. We had only been on one previous date and we had hung out a couple of times but only in groups. We had also talked on the phone for hours but still the fact that we were dating was so unexpected. I broke up with him a few days after our relationship because everything was going so fast and he agreed. We agreed to stay friends which I know doesn't usually happen but we had barely dated so I figured we could be legit friends. That night we hung out he was making it obvious he wanted to be more than friends but wanted to take things slow. We talked for awhile and before I had to leave I kissed him and we kissed for about fifteen minutes the whole time with him saying I was the only thing he wanted. When I was about to leave he said he felt like an a**hole and that he couldn't trust me. I was pissed and left. When I got home he had texted me sayings he was sorry and tried to call me the day after that and the day after that but I ignored them. He then texted saying that he knew I didn't want to talk to him but he felt like he had a lot to say. I continued to ignore this as well. If I continue to ignore him and not give him the time of day will he respect me even though it will be too late?


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  • How does ignoring lead to respect? If you don't respect him enough to give him an answer to his texts, why should this lead to respect towards you?

    Ignoring is a way of some people to avoid saying mean things in the heat of the moment. But ignoring for days is just childish in my opinion. It gets you nowhere.

    So my advice is, if you want respect, respect him too. Answer him, talk about it, even if you're mad at him, at least he'll know why and what he can do to make it right.

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