Was he giving me a clue that he would date me or what?

So, there is this guy that is my gym instructor. I noticed that sometimes I catch he looking at me and stuff. The problem is that he has a girlfriend, but he knows that I'm single. Today, he came up and said: What would you do if your boyfriend give you a box with passionfruits? (For those who doesn't know, this fruit has a tranquilizer effect)

And then I said that I didn't know what I would do, and he explain that I didn't understand that I didn't know because I doesn't have one. And said that thing about the fruit.

For me, he tried to make a joke, or something. But maybe he has some interest in me either?

correction: because I don't have a boyfriend
the correction is in that sentence: and he explain that I didn't understand that I didn't know because I don't have a boyfriend



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  • He's hitting on you. The question is, are you interested in a boyfriend who is chasing you while he already has a gf? After all, you know he'll find someone else to hit on if he dumps her to hook up with you.

    On the other hand, if it's just his body that you want - why not take advantage of the available hard body.

    • Do you really think he was hitting on me? Why?

    • He's staring at you, he's offering sexual innuendo and he'd drug you if he could :)

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  • mmm I guess he just was being a little funny a flirty that's all

  • Yes, he's being just flirty


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  • I wouldn't take it as if he's interested, but if it were I would get away from him because of his gf

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