Girls, do you ever back out of a date just because you're overwhelmed or nervous?

A female friend of mine was telling me the other day that she was considering backing out of a date because she was really excited at first, but then her week was getting long and she was just getting overwhelmed and wasn't sure she would be able to keep up with him.

I thought that was pretty funny, because most guys tend to assume not showing means she's not interested. And then she sent him a text that just said, "Sorry, I can't make it...but I hope you have a great week!"

This girl went from excited to not going and didn't even hint as to why, or say that she'd like to reschedule. Note that this was a first date with a guy she seemed pretty into at first.

Any of you do something similar?


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  • That's what I don't get about girls. She's playing games.

    • I don't think so

    • Why? She was excited to go out with him and then she cancels for no reason. If she's interested, then she's doing a terrible job showing it!

    • This is pretty much the best answer...she ought to at least indicate she likes the man.

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  • No, when I was about to have my first date I was pretty nervous but I just tried to calm myself instead of blowing the guy off

  • YES I always have this..

    and if I actually DO come, I'm so nervous that I can't be all spontaneous like I normally am. lol.

    • I am going to question you so hard now, because this is relevant to my interests.

      If the guy is chill about it and invites you again, would you consider going for it? Does calm persistence help you with this? What can a guy do to make it easier on you?

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    • I told this girl that we should exchange numbers in case one of us had to, "I don't know, shave our cat's tongue or something -- that's a standard bugout excuse, right?"

      We dance together at the same swing dance event every couple of weeks, so I'll probably throw in a, "How's the cat's tongue?" thing with a grin and a skeptical look at some point. Mind you, we'll mostly be flipping, flopping, and flying, so it may take awhile for it to come up.

    • Sounds like a good idea.. if she doesn't respond to that then you should just take it as a 'no'

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