Is he hiding a relationship with a female coworker from me?

My husband stayed up until 1am while I was asleep texting a drunk female coworker at a party. The texts were light flirting and her begging him to come over. I found the texts the next morning because he left his text screen open and I was checking the time. I didn't think too much of the texts and he went to work. When he got home that night he was telling me about a male friend who was at the party that sent him a funny text. He showed me the text but I noticed that he had erased his conversation with the female coworker. I asked nonchalant question of whether he got texted from anyone else that night. He said "no". I have always felt weird about their friendship because he never tells me when they have hung out or when she shows up were he is. I feel like he is hiding something that he says is harmless. What does it all mean?


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    I think it means that there is some sketchy sh*t going on, and it's being done behind your back, and you are being lied to. I base my opinion on what you posted. And I think you know there is something rotten, otherwise I don't think you'd have come here and posted what you did.

    I don't like the mixture of drunk bitches who work with and want to hang out with husbands.

    I don't like that he lied to you about not getting texts from her. (he said he didn't get any other texts, right?) People only lie about sh*t they are ashamed of doing OR to avoid punishment for something they did. What does that tell you? If it wasn't a big deal, shouldn't he have mentioned Drunk Bitch Texts? *I* would have, if there was nothing weird going on. Light flirting is one thing- begging a married co-worker to come hang out when you KNOW your ass is drunk is quite another thing.

    I am not suggesting you leave him in a huff. But I am STRONGLY suggesting you either continue to gather information as it comes available, OR you confront your husband directly. I don't know you or your husband, obviously. I don't know if he's a shafty bastard or not- you have to judge that yourself. But I'd keep my eyes peeled.


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  • It seems that he's quite a shady person. Big sign.


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  • I check my husband phone sometimes, because I am just curious, but I don't do it all the same. But if I notice something weird I tell him or ask him about it and he explains me. He is your husband so ask him you were checking his phone just like that, like maybe you can say there was a light so you were gona pick up or something. I usually just tell my husband I was curious so I checked your phone and my husband knows me that I am just a curious person...or if my cell is too far I use his phone if its near. So make a reason and ask him straight are his wife so you have the right. and you shouldn't feel uncomfortable and he shouldn't hide from you anything either.