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Let's Get To Know Each Other..

Top 10 Random Interesting Stupid Funny Embarrassing Facts About Yourself ;)

Feel free to go anon, but be honest. I'll start

1. I couldn't swallow pills until I was 17

2. I still eat baby food, only the banana one.

3. I have a serious coffee addiction

4. I still can't ride a bike

5. I can't properly pronounce the word cinnamon

6. I think I'm allergic to kiwi

7. I've had at least 6 boyfriends, yet I still get kind of embarrassed and really nervous when kissing a guy

8. My first French kiss was when I was 15, I thought it was disgusting

9. I used to make myself cry so that I wouldn't hurt myself when I was younger

10. I pulled off my top in front of all my friends in a public park one night during my high school years
Let's Get To Know Each Other..
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