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Top 10 Random Interesting Stupid Funny Embarrassing Facts About Yourself ;)

Feel free to go anon, but be honest. I'll start

1. I couldn't swallow pills until I was 17

2. I still eat baby food, only the banana one.

3. I have a serious coffee addiction

4. I still can't ride a bike

5. I can't properly pronounce the word cinnamon

6. I think I'm allergic to kiwi

7. I've had at least 6 boyfriends, yet I still get kind of embarrassed and really nervous when kissing a guy

8. My first French kiss was when I was 15, I thought it was disgusting

9. I used to make myself cry so that I wouldn't hurt myself when I was younger

10. I pulled off my top in front of all my friends in a public park one night during my high school years


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  • 1. I have always been a bit of a wild animal. A mixture between deer in the headlights and claws drawn ready to do what's necessary to survive.

    2. I may be anorexic. I definitely have anorexic tendencies.

    3. I do the same thing every morning. Wake up, go to the bathroom, weigh myself (always 47.6kg), make coffee, smoke 2 cigarettes with coffee with 2-3 bathroom trips in between.

    4. I think my weighing scales are broken. How can I weigh exactly the same every day!?!

    5. I love hugs and affection in general from people that are bigger than me. My little mother hugging me is just weird.

    6. I'm an awesome cook and baker. But I just bake because I like the smell. I give my cakes away to hungry men.

    7. I'm the bad influence. I was the one doling out the peer pressure. And I look like butter wouldn't melt so I get away with everything.

    8. I think I'm going through a quarter life crisis. It's entertaining but scary as f*ck.

    9. I've never had sex with a guy who had a good looking face and body. My standards for good looking are very low. I've had the body. Never the face. One can dream.

    10. I don't really know when I lost my virginity. From the age of 13 there have been incidents, failed attempts and more successful attempts but not quite. I have decided to ignore it all and just admit to my 3 repeat sexual partners from the age of 23 onwards but I will always know I'm lying.


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  • 1.First of all,as some of you know I would like to be shorter for my own reasons

    and other 9 things about myself:

    2. I like drinking coke in the morning when I wake up

    3. I like 80s new wave as well as synth-pop from the same decade and 90s techno/house music.

    4. I like listening to music loudly.

    5. I like drinking energy drinks like monster and redbull as well as coffee along with my food

    6. I like brining escort girls in my home when I have money instead of finding a gf

    7. I like masturbating,i do it twice or three times per day

    8. Particularly I like masturbating with photos of tall and big girls found on internet

    9. I like staying up late

    10. And last but not least...I like video-games

    How do I sound? Nice,cool guy or creepy?

  • !. I drop ice cubes on the backs of sunbathing girls. Well, I used to, not recently.

    2. I like to make up dating profiles and stand up the 'dates.'

    3. I tape the backs of girls/dresses so they come up around their waist when they stand up.

    4. I leave mash notes on windshields, sometimes if they are lesbians.

    That's all I can think of..

  • 1. I've never chewed gum in my life.

    2. I have a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering.

    3. I've been single for pretty much my entire life.

    4. I consider caffeine a drug that is the most commonly addicted to in North America and as a result avoid it as much as practical.

    5. Once because I refused to give up a bead necklace to a girl who offered to flash me in exchange, had everyone in that bar convinced I was gay.

    6. Once at a dance I had my pants rip right down the middle and with the help of a friend, successfully sewed them back up and returned to the dance floor without anyone realizing what happened.

    7. I HATE the club scene.

    8. Never drank alcohol in my life.

    9. I grew up in the city, but am a country boy at heart.

    10. Will instantly lose interest in a girl no matter how hot she is as soon as she lights a cigarette.

  • 1. Muse is my favorite band

    2. I messed up and have probably lost the love of my life forever because of it.(no I didn't cheat)

    3. The losing of my virginity was witnessed by 4 friends xD

    4. I have been called prince charming, but I don't think I am or know how to be.

    5. I'm a gent.

    6. I don't do well with the ladies even though I'm told I'm extremely good looking.

    7. I have a foot fetish because I'm super weird

    8. I struggle with having good intentions

    9. I believe in biokinesis

    10. I'm about to go ask the girl in the cotten candy booth out c;

  • 1. I have lost a ton of weight

    2. I'm not gay but despise women as they are shallow and self centred.

    3. I'm a cat guy and love my cats to death.

    4. I have no confidence.

    5. Since I was a chubby kid in grade 5 I got stoned (rocks thrown at my head)

    6. I don't party, smoke, do drugs or eat junk food.

    7. My only true friend is a 60 year old truck driver who I love dearly and call him my second dad.

    8. I love wrestling and know everything about the wwf/e

    9. I get involved in shows way too much like Breaking Bad and Lost

    10. I live a kinda boring life that's bores me sometimes but at least I'm safe and healthy

  • 1. I'm a perfectionist.

    2. I'm too awesome.

    3. I have an IQ of 150.

    4. I have a sculpted body.

    5. Everyone says I'm too good looking.

    6. I'm too magnificent.

    7. I make a lot of money.

    8. I can afford to give a lot of it to charity.

    9. I do volunteer work.

    10. I like turtles.


What Girls Said 9

  • 1. I can put my entire fist in my mouth a la Karen from Mean Girls

    2. I have a horrible sense of direction despite loving to travel

    3. I L.O.V.E video games to the point where I fought my guy friend because he took an extra turn playing Batman Arkham Asylum even though he promised we'd switch

    4. I have a latent Southern Accent that involuntarily redevelops every time I visit my family in the South

    5. I also study languages and can speak decent French and enough Japanese and korean to travel


    7. I'm 21 but am constantly mistaken for 16 because of my bubbly demeanor, big eyes, cheekbones and sweet smile

    8. Even though I'm sweet, I have an exhibitionist/wild side and lost my virginity to a musician who played at my college. No one would ever suspect it!

    9. I'm a sucker for guys with nice arms

    10. While reading spoken word to my English class, my top popped open and no one told me until class was over. I shrugged and told my professor I should get extra credit for wearing a sexy bra.

  • 1. I am a sophomore in college.

    2. I am allergic to wheat.

    3. I never learned how to whistle.

    4. I don't know how to blow a bubble with bubblegum.

    5. My favorite food is ice cream.

    6. Volleyball is my favorite sport, I have played for 10 years.

    7. I have an extreme fear of bees.

    8. I have a shopping addiction.

    9. The beach is my favorite place to be.

    10. My first everything (sexually) with a guy was at age 15 and I am still with the same guy now.

  • 1. I still play video games.

    2. I'm having a hard time growing up generally (still feel like a kid most of the time)

    3. I can balance thing and be objective when it comes to everything but me.

    4. I still watch cartoons (though this could be put in 2.)

    5. I still wait for my mutant powers after watching the first X-men movie in 2000 (don't ask)

    6. I'm very intelligent but so smart.

    7. I love my 2 dogs more than 99% of the people I know.

    8. I've got too many activities that interest me and do them all at the same time and then for period of time I do nothing at all (being lazy).

    9. I'm very organized when it comes to cleanliness but my character is very chaotic. (can't explain better)

    10. There's a lot more to be written in this list.

  • Haha nice idea!

    1. I can't stand bare walls and will do anything to decorate white walls...they just creep me out

    2.Im a complete dragaphobe

    3. I've been told a million times I should be a phone sex operator because I have a sexy voice.

    4. I cuddle a stuffed penguin and rock myself to sleep still XD

    5. I'm a bastard

    6. I went thro a horrible goth faze and could fall asleep listening to lamb of god.

    7. My mom thinks its OK to tell me about her sex life...im tramatized.

    8. I was a virgin till I was 17 by choice

    9. I laugh when I get hurt

    10. I got pants'd by a chair and a bunch of my neighbors saw everything XD

  • 1.- I like baby too but only the mango one.

    2.- I can speak fluent Spanish.

    3.- I am left-handed

    4.- I haven't had a boyfriend yet.

    5.- I can eat whatever I want and stay think haha

    6.- I have raisins and avocado and used to say I was allergic to them.

    7.- I have a twin sister.

    8.- Even if I am a virgin a lot of guys talk to me about sex since high school.

    9.- I want to marry a french guy haha

    10.- I turn red (like my face) when I do a lot of exercise-

  • 1. I hive daily, and doctors haven't been able to figure out why.

    2. I have never been kissed, though I've been dating a guy for a little over three years now.

    3. I cannot snap my fingers.

    4. I can't dance :(

    5. I belt out random, satirical songs at work.

    6. I count EVERYTHING.

    7. My mom is my best friend, currently.

    8. I would rather read, than go to a club.

    9. I adore olde Celtic Faeries.

    10. I was born on a Friday the 13th.

  • 1. I dressed up only in dresses and skirts as a kid

    2. I come off as a heartless bitch to people I don't know but I'm actually very kind hearted

    3. I kissed a girl for the 1st time when I was 9

    4. I had my first sexual interaction with a girl at 14

    5. I confessed being a lesbian to my parents at 16

    6. I positively dread meeting with my parents

    7. I like my wife's parents better than my own

    8. I learned everything about anime and manga to impress my now wife

    9. I dip oreos into peanut butter and eat it like that in front of the tv

    10. I own over 120 books and have my own miniature library

  • 1. I think I'm allergic to kiwi too. That and pineapple, but I love how they taste. Whenever I eat too much, my tongue feels funny.

    2. I feel uncomfortable hanging out alone with a guy, and as such have never been on a date, although I'd like to.

    3. I have a soft spot for 90s and 00s pop music.

    4. I love wearing heels; it puts me at 6'5". People tell me I shouldn't but I love them.

    5. I love white chocolate.

    6. In 2nd grade, I believed my teacher when she said a can of paint fell on her head (when she dyed her hair).

    7. I'm terrified of birds and dark windows at night (the thought of a face popping into view...).

    8. My best subjects in school were maths and sciences, hardest was PhysEd

    9. I have a bit of an obsession with my nails: keeping them cleaned, shaped, painted

    10. I had the hardest time coming up with this list... :\

  • 1: I'm an alcoholic :( and I'm only 16

    2: my first french kiss was at 13 and I thought it was disgusting too! ahhaha

    3: I've been in seriously bad relationships

    4: I'm a huge party girl sadly

    5: I want a boyfriend who will really love me

    6: I've taken my shirt off at a party in front of everyone on a table

    7: started drinking at 13

    8: never have done any drugs

    9: still a virgin

    10: and that's me:)