Have I been missing his signs this entire time?!

I am a senior in high school now. I've know this guy for 3 years. I'm starting to notice that he means a lot more to me than I thought now that he's not the lazy and oblivious guy I thought he was. He knows I freak out if I text and he doesn't respond, but he waits 3 hours sometimes on purpose! He acts a fool whenever we hangout. He always look at my with a deep stare when we talk. He doesn't move when I accidentally touch him, and when it's purposeful (as in a touch on his arm) he just smiles. He always faces me. When in group, whether it be 3 people total or 3000, he'd be talking with me. He is so estatic to help me out with projects and sometimes will bring up my projects on his own. I recently got dumped (only boyfriend since I've know this guy) over text and when he found out he became emotionally upset. He vents to me about girls he doesn't want to date. Whenever he first sees me he gets a hug grin. He always wants to be the one to tell me it's going to be okay. His gaurd is up just as high as mine!

Here's what gets me: he is so mysterious. He didn't ask anyone to prom even though this girl really wanted to go with him. He's super hot and can get any girl he wants! I've been getting this feeling he's waiting for me to make the first move but I can't tell. He LOVES to make me laugh. No matter how upset I present myself. This guy is my perfect match. So perfect it's impossible to ignore, by anyone. I think about him 24/7, even when I was dating that guy that dumped me. He's only dated one girl who's dumped him. Now we're even... I know that I love him. It's inevitable. But I don't want to miss the opportunity to be with him if I miss his signs if they're out there!

What should I look for to see if he wants me to make a move, or if he wants to stay as best friends? Thanks!


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  • I am in a similar boat with a guy I have known a few years! Totally didn't see him like anything more till about 9 months ago. He looked at me quite intensely one day and it hit me that I have feelings for him and I think he might too. Guys are strange I say you take a chance and go for it you only live once. Sounds to me like he might like you. Have a few drinks and then make a move :) that's what I would do