Is he checking on me?

I met a guy online and he seems very interested. We went out a few dates and had a good time. but last month he was really busy and was away due to a few business trips he had to go on. so we couldn't' meet. but he did call a few times, we teased ea. other and had good time chatting.

On second date, he told me he wasn't' responding to other women. (He has no picture up on dating site so chance of women messaging him is slim)

I noticed he would check online every time after or before we chat on phone or before or after we meet.

The reason for it is because, usually if a guy goes online to send messages, he would check back daily or every other day I assume. howenver, the site indicates he is on then not for the next few days to weeks..till he phones me or meets me then he is on to check again...

to me, he seems to be checking on me..maybe I am thinking too much.

i am onsite daily for meeting anyone...and we are not exclusive.


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  • There could be many possible reasons why he is or isn't logging in to the site. I don't think you should read too much into it or make assumptions that it's about you. It's awesome if you are excited about him, but my honest opinion is that you should be focused on getting to know him better, rather than keeping track of his online activity and trying to guess what his motivations are.

    Honestly, any man who is interested in you should be capable of *proving* his interest, and you shouldn't ever feel like you need to find proof that a guy likes you and wants to be around you. I don't know your situation, obviously, but it sounds like you're trying to find reasons to keep liking him even though he isn't giving you much in return.

    • you are correct he is not giving me much due to his is something I have to consider. he is out of town/country most of the week for his job. I on the other hand may not be able to give him everything myself due to my circumstances. At the moment, we are still in the get to know you phase. I don't know where it will lead to. I just found it interesting how he would check the datin site every time after chatting or meeting with me...then not on for days and weeks due to his busy schedule.

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    • NO, I am not with that guy anymore. Ugh, that was so much drama. I am seriously so much happier now, without him in my life.

      If you need to just vent about guys/relationships/whatever, just send me a message on here. I'm pretty much an open book anyway :)

    • yes..i just friend you :).

      i am so happy to hear that...yes...i do have a lot of things going on at the moment and just wanted to move forward...:-) but lots of obstacles lol...

      i wish relationships are as easy as I like but it isn't or maybe its just me..