I'm worried I fell in love...Am I okay?

So I've dated this guy for an entire year pretty much with two short break ups so about 10 months. He is older then me by 2 and a half years but I don't really care. Even though this type of age gap is a noticeable gap by how he is and I am. Basically when we started talking we moved pretty fast it was in the summer so we talked literally non stop all day and hung out 4 times that week and by the beginning of the next week we started dating. Later I notice he is a bit of a bad boy which I love. And we started doing things nothing physical but just being really sexually attracted to each other. Then about three months later I notice another girl and then it turns out he was cheating on me but I couldn't be hypocritical because I kinda did once so of course I broke up with him but the entire time I couldn't help thinking about him and the break up was for two months until I decided to text him happy birthday and he called and said how his birthday was **** without me and he misses me so I drove over and he started talking and then we kissed and my the end of the night we were dating again. I was so extremely happy because now I can not miss him so much but I couldn't stop wondering why I couldn't stop thinking about him. We recently broke up about a month ago and of course I miss him more than ever and my favorite song turned out to be our song... It's not really anyone's fault we broke up. I was just scared and we talked last night and we told each other how much we missed each other and today I want to talk to him and it's possible for us to be dating by the end of the week. And I might use the L word because clearly I do and I know he isn't the type of guy to freak out by it. Do you guys think it could be time to let him know?

Well now we are dating for two weeks and we don't do any of the sexual stuff anymore we just hang out talk on the phone until 3 o'clock in the morning and we haven't fought at all every day he sends me a long text about how much he appreciates and LOVES me... He used the word before I could and when he did he had a really long hug and a kiss. I like that the hug was longer than the kiss because hugs just seem like you are really happy and are genuine. Please let me know what you think. THX XOXO!


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  • He knows. So neither one of you is monogamous. That's not so good. Sounds like an addiction not actually love but only you know if it is or not. Do you really want to tell that man you are in love with him and he isn't in love with you? Then he has affairs again and you have affairs again? What are you doing?


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