Dumping Up with her Fast

I am dating this girl for 1.5 months.

I told her I am going exclusive. She still have a dating profile up. She delayed a date that we had last night(2 days she's on vacation with another "nerdy" I have never seen guy friend she set up before we dated.. when she was single.) I read part of the email with her and I saw some flirting from him...(wth and she told me nothing will happen).

She cheated on her ex boyfriend with a lesbian.

She is really hot. and sells her looks for a living She claims she is a hard worker and makes tons of money(?) yet she drives a sh*t car and wear some old (back in the day shoes.. 5 years ago)

Her exboyfriend is really rich, and she wasn't attracted to him. I am from a rich family, I am highly educated. and have a high level job.(I am not ugly too)

I told her I have feelings to her and she didn't say anything.

Before her trip she wants me to take care of her birds in her apartment.

She still contacts her exboyfriend and still have keys to his house(wtf Because she wanted to pick up her dog) she claims she broke up with him months ago.

Honestly. She is hot and smart. She claims to have good salesman skills. And you know what seems like she is scamming the hell out of me.

I said I was exclusive. I might end up dating while she is out for 2 weeks in Europe. while I take care of her birds and then we are over. Honestly I am a nice guy but this girl have so many red flags. she just smooth talks me and she is really pretty. She starting me make me pissed when I just think of her when I typing about her logically.


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  • As you said the girl does have many red flags, if you are like you said you are you could do better


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  • its like what unighted said, there is way too many red flags, once I heard a girl has cheated before in the past, that's my cue to disappear as fast as possible.