Tell me if I still have a chance. I need your opinion stat!

I met my guy four months ago. Initially I didn't think we were connecting right so after a month of being "official" I broke it off.

I started talking to other people and dating, but we remained friends (with benefits). After becoming better friends and figuring him out more, I told him I wanted to try a relationship again. He refused. Which breaks my heart.

Then, this last month, I met his dads side of the family. We went on a two day trip twice to see them. His little sister was so excited to see him with a girl. But it's so confusing because he told his family I'm just a friend. The day we were coming back he read my text messages (and Facebook) messages while I was in the shower. I know this because when we got back I went to his house for a while. We had sex. Usually it's a long enjoyable process, but this time he came really fast. He said he wasn't "into it." When I got home he texted me and said he read my messages and saw I was talking to other people.

That was a couple weeks ago. I asked him why he did that. He said "I had to see if I can trust you." I just don't get it because we were not in a monogamous relationship.

Even now, I ask him to define our relationship so I know what he wants from me. I'll even tell him to either make a commitment or move on and quit talking to me. He always ignores it. He doesn't make the commitment, but he doesn't quit talking to me either.

I've asked him several times if I have a chance at all. If I do then I want to make sure not to mess up again.

So, since he won't answer the question, what do you guys think? From this bit of information, do I have a chance?

I'd like to add that he is EXTREMLY quiet. The reason I broke up with him in the first place is that I didn't think we were connecting right, because we barley talk. But it's now been four months and I feel like I've figured him out more.

**The reason I said I need your opinion stat is that the day he read my texts, I told him that I will stop talking to other people and I'll stop going out. But I want to go out with my cousin tonight. I texted him but he hasn't texted back. I just want to make the right decision.


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  • I feel like you need to sit down and talk to him and tell him you want to start fresh! Forget about what happened in the past. Yes, you are right he shouldn't have gotten mad because he said you were just friends and you guys broke things off. Having all these what if's, such as breaking it off or not, asking him to define the relationship with everything that has happened is too much. Step one is to sit down with him and tell him you want to start fresh. Step 2 is to tell him what YOU really want. Step 3 is to ask him what HE wants. If he wants the same thing as you, then you're fine. If you guys don't want the same thing, then move on to your dating other people.


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  • He clearly doesn't trust you, and as you say, you aren't communicating; you thought you were split up and could date other people, while he thought you were still 'together' and you shouldn't be talking with other people.

    If you can't even agree on what the rules are in your relationship, then I don't think you have much chance of continuing.

    Sorry if that rains on your parade!

  • You don't have a chance anymore.


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