She stopped communicating after this weekend? Girls: why?

So, long story short, I met a great girl online. We've hit it off, and showed we truly care about one another in the early stages of dating...

Last weekend was her weekend to work nights. In between her 13 hour shifts, she invited me over where she threw me a surprise birthday party with 4 of her friends. It was ironic because I actually brought her flowers to surprise her.

I stayed the entire evening until around 11 pm, we went up to her bed and kissed and had heated make out sessions for nearly 2 hours until 130 in the morning. She skipped sleep to spend the night with me. We shared a lot of things that night, our thoughts about each other, past experiences, etc. the following day, she mentioned closing her online account, since then, I've heard from her little. She canceled a hangout because she said it wouldn't have been a good night. She didn't respond to my good morning texts as usual, and she didn't return my calls 2 days ago. I haven't heard from her since.

Why is this? Is she no longer interested? It's important to note that this weekend we both went back to our hometowns...what should I do?

I asked. She said she thinks we'd make better friends, which I refuse to be friends with someone who led me on. Thanks for your input.


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  • How about you ask her? She'll know, we can only guess and give you thoughts that lead up to nowhere.

    We can say: yes, she lost interest.

    What will you do then? Ignore her?

    Or, we can say: she's just busy.

    You'll keep on texting her then.

    But you won't know for sure until you ask her ;) Just ask her if she's busy lately since you haven't heard from her for a while and she seems a bit quiet towards you.


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  • I don't think its because she doesn't like you but you should definitely ask her what's going on.


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  • It seems that she just have gotten a little busy.