Is there any correct way to reach out to someone from the past?

Long story short: I went on a date with this guy in February. It was a 6 hour date and it went quite well. The only thing that annoyed me was the fact that he name dropped a little bit. He also was a show-off. However, he genuinely seemed VERY into me. Anyway, I didn't give him a chance because a mutual friend bad-mouthed him by saying he was "quite the show-off AND name dropper" so that turned me off quite a bit.

Now, 4 months later, he's crossed my mind and I'm wondering if I made the mistake of shutting him down too quickly. I want to reach out to him and see how he is. I was thinking something along the lines of "Hi you crossed my mind, hope you're well" I want to come off very casual but not like I'm brushing him off.

Any thoughts are appreciated :)


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  • Sometimes you can't always listen to a friends advice. I think a 6 hour date would be a good date in my opionion.I think sending him a text or email with something like you said he crossed your mind and yo uwnated to see how he was doing sounds like a good line. He may respond back or he may not.But I think it's worth the risk to see if he talks or not. A 4 month break is a long time.

  • The correct way is to apologize for not contacting them soon, and would like to reconnect.


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