Is he losing interest in me or what?

'I'm 17 he is 16.

We have been dating for a month and a half. We were friends who reunited before though

He had to go out of state for the summer though so we can only phone talk.

I am very frustrated though, you see things have been weird this week ( past 3 days)

He is very sweet and attentive, though we have odd texting times due to time zones, and all this week he was super sweet and calling pet names like he never does. SO I was really affectionate back and all that.

Well he didn't very talkative a couple days ago, so I thought he was tired, and then next day he didn't text at all or reply to my "hey", and the next night he finally texted but I had fallen asleep. So I texted late in the morning and now he's replies like every 3 hours or so and its still not that talkative?

I don't know if I'm overreacting a little or not, but it strikes me weird? The only other time he did this was when we first dated and his mom got mad at him, but his mother isn't around right now so I don't know what's up.

He didn't act like he wanted to break up or anything before he left? He even said "I wish we had been dating longer" and acted upset that he had to go? He is usually always really sweet and helps me with everything.

And I am acting affectionate back and if there is a problem I wish he would speak up and say so. He tells me he loves, and this week he was super affectionate over the phone :{ and then now he's acting I dunno, distant.

I said maybe he's busy but I dunno.

He is my first boyfriend and he said I'm his first girlfriend and we kiss, and cuddle, we go out places.

I guess I'm just kinda worried, no I'm not wanting him to pay constant attention, but this is nearly ignoring me on high and its makes me wonder.

We don't call much due to phone problems also.

I thought maybe I Was clingy but then now that I think about, no no I'm not at all.

I'm scared to just flat ask him what's wrong, because what if nothing is wrong and its just me?

See I'm so frustrated with all this right now, what the heck do I even do?

Do you think he is cheating on me or losing interest or something?


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  • You're in a kinda difficult situation right now with him gone out of state for the summer added to the fact that you two haven't been together all that long. But what you do have going for you is that while he was here he treated you very sweet like a girl he really cares about and really likes, and you're treated him the same, so you have no worries based on how you two were together while he was here. Now you don't want to lose that closeness you shared together so don't change by starting the worrying thing and talking/texting like you're starting to be clingy. STAY sweet and trusting and know that it's not all that easy to communicate together in person or by phone like you used to. Whatever you do, DON'T scold him or act like he's not doing all he can do keep in touch or for not trying to say as close to you as he was able to do before he left. Just do your part to be reassuring and stay positive and talk as sweet to him as you can whenever you do talk on the phone or text. Don't get jealous, get agitated or act like he might be cheating on you or act like he's doing enough to keep in contact with you. Don't be after him to be trying to call/text you everyday, etc.. or like he's not doing enough. Make sure he knows you'll be waiting for him to get back, but in the meantime wish him well tell and tell him how much you miss him already but you want him to have a nice time and for him not to worry about anything concerning you. Keep yourself busy doing and thinking about positive things. Don't waste your time moping around and worrying because those will do nothing for you. Ask him if he misses you ... etc.. just be a real sweetheart whenever you communicate with him. If you do this, I promise you that when he returns your relationship with him will have improved immensely by his absence. He won't be able to wait to come back. Good luck!


  • He's just losing interest in you, or your relationship doesn't have any passion in it


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