What is up with my ex date?

He deleted his online dating profile. He tried to get in contact with me last month and I was upset that he disappeared. He said he was busy with his job and internship. I told him that I just started a new job and it is a start up that is growing fast so I need to focus on work. I wish him well. He told me good luck. Anyways, I been thinking about him and I checked up online and he deleted his dating account.

He is so strange on fb. I asked him a question of what animal he likes to be. He asked an eagle. He wrote that question on his fb and left an image of an eagle. What is up with him? Should I bother to text him?

I am not sure if he will get a full time job but if he doesn't then I at least want to give him some direction because I think he will end up like my old coworker - lost and still working in retail at the age of 33. But then again, should I let him go?


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  • I mean you could let him go but you two could still remain friends. It seems like it already kind of is and does seem like he is busy for anything more. Go ahead and remain friends if you wanna be more let him know as well.

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