Second date - left on a bad impression, advice please!

Hey all,

Need some advice as this girl business is driving me insane!

I have been seeing this girl for the past few weeks, we have been texting everyday as she lives 45 min away. I already know she really digs me.

Second date I arranged to pick her up and show her a good time in the city, she wanted to have sex and we kinda did but my soldier froze up as I was nervous and recovering from being sick. Drove her off the next day (embarrased) and she texted me this after I apologized for not being myself:

'I like you (my name), I'm not sure exactly what it is about you but I know I want to get to know you better. '

The thing is that I get nervous around girls I really like, and I think and over analyze too much which I know is a turn off.

It was our second date and I think she might have been too forward?



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  • take her on another date if you like her back! you have to reply something at least. it is so nerve wrecking to be the one to tell the guy you like him. if you want to see her more then set up another date asap or reply saying you feel the same way or something.


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  • That text is clear and honest. She likes you, and hopes for another date.


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  • It's fine to be forward. After all, your intention is already known.