Is he still interested?

I've been texting and talking to this guy online for a week. We talked everyday and always said good morning/night. After some hesitation on his part, we met and went on a date. (His ex girlfriend had cheated on him with his brother). The date went amazingly well. He was a gentleman in every way. And was very affectionate. He even sang in my ear while waiting for a table at dinner. After the date, we kissed goodnight and he text me goodnight like he always does. It's been 4 days and he hasn't text or called. I text him good morning and that I missed his voice and got no reply. Is he freaking out because of his past or is he not interested?


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  • Since I can't look into this guy's mind to see what he's thinking, I can only speculate. It sounds like he was SO interested in you just from the date... Going from this, it sounds like he might be freaking out because of his past. I would give it at least a couple more days to see if he responds and, if he doesn't, I would tell him that he needs to tell you if he's just not interested any more. It's not fair to just drop people like that and he needs to man up and say the truth. This is at least what I would do.

    I hope things get sorted out for you and that he responds... best of luck!