Are either worth my time?

I have liked two different guys in the span of a school year. I met them both in the fall and I am very good friends with both.

One I dated for a month but he broke up with me because he wanted to get to know me better and maybe try us again at a later time. I have come to find out, through a mutual friend, he has told her a few times he would like to date me again. I am not sure if this would be a good idea or not. We didn't get much of a shot so I think I wouldn't mind dating him again.

The other is me but a guy. We have become super close and before spring break, I told him I had feelings for him. He told me he was not ready for a commitment and wanted to find proper footing. He never said he just wanted to be friends which shocked the hell out of me.

I am an idiot and after all this time still like both of them. I just have no idea what to do. Should I move on from both, hold out for my ex, or hold out for the other guy?


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  • Well, if both guys gave you the same answer about commitment, then it sounds to me like you should move on. Find someone else and you can always revisit dating one of them in a few years if things don't work out with someone else and one of them is ready to date then.

    • Yeah, to me it sounds like both are too afraid of commitment. I am not the hit it and quit it type. I am actually looking for a relationship. I have heard I am more of the "marrying type." So that is probably a turn off to most in their very early 20s.

    • It's not a turn off, you just haven't found the right guy with the same marrying mindset. Take your time and find someone who fits your style.

  • Depends is commitment what you want from them? If yes then they gave you an answer so move on. If you just want to do w/e then sure but it sounds to me like you got rejected or that they just want to be friends with nothing attached.

    • I'm not looking to get married right away but I am looking for a relationship. So I guess that is still commitment.

    • I do not think you will get that from these guys. I would not ignore them but look outside the box. Who knows if you find someone else then those guys may come running. Guys love what other guys have.

    • I'll try. Sad part is, I go after guys I become very close friends with, so it is very hard to get over them when I see them every day.

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