Why is he doing this to me?

I met this guy at a bar. We hooked up the first night, left on good terms. He said he'd contact me again.

He did. For three weeks he'd text me, asking me if I was free to hang out that weekend. I would text him each time to see what was going on...he had an excuse each time and we didn't meet. We don't text on a normal basis though-he will text about 2-3 days before a Saturday.

Finally, I told him that I was leaving the area for awhile. He misunderstood me and thought I was leaving forever, and came to see me. We hooked up again that night, except he seemed to start to open up more. On top of that, he told me 5-6 times to let him know when I'd be back and texted me again later that night. He texted me a couple of weeks later to find out when exactly I would be back.

What made him change like that? Why flake on me, and then suddenly change and try to make sure that I'll see him again?


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  • So, ever tried to let a cat inside and have the cat hesitate?

    A trick I figured out as a kid is that if you open the door and begin to close it slowly, the cat will get the idea that it is running out of time to make a decision. About 7/10 times out of ten the cat will dart inside at the last second.

    People act like this too sometimes. It's less common than it is in cats, but our motives can be similar in principle. It's also why in college people tend to hook up the most just before the school season ends.


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  • The man is trying to deceive you in any case,


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