Dating Japanese girls, to see if possible ? for me that is.

ok now this is well pretty much just a sort of experiment you could say.

i have got nothing to lose from this so...

ok then the reason for this question is ...oh before I continue I have to say that this question is directed to the japanese females here,so then ...

right so what I want to ask is is anyone of the Japanese girls willing to go on a virtual date with me .

i want to see what answer ill get and if you're asking I'm doing this because I have nothing to do at the moment .

besides what's the worse that could happen.

heck this might give you something amusing to read or not .

eh lets just say I like Japanese girls so wanted to try it anyway.

thank you.

also ...i hope to get some good replies ...then again most likely they won't be but hey no harm in trying right?...

anyway that's all.


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  • You should just go to Japan.

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