Confused on how she acts with me.. Is this a situation where I should wait for her to initiate?

Just a little bit confused how she's acting really. From the last two weeks she sent things like this:

- "I bet I can guess what you do & how you think, alright so, you just picked up your phone, saw my name, read this text, ...aaaand now you're thinking about me, and now you're smiling, because I got it right morning x" (sent at half one in the morning)

- (In response to my opener) "I think you've got this a little confused - you've text me, out the blue, to get me where you want me.. When in fact I think it looks like I've got you exactly where I want you x"

- (To a joke I said) "Hahahahhahahahaahahhahahah literally howling"

- "Hahahaha! I'm nudey in my paddling pool hehehehee"

A few days later I started a new conversation and sid "You're reading this and I've slipped onto your mind.. Some symptoms are smiling (huge smiles if the condition gets serious) and denial (you're about to deny all this but the smile on your face right now is proof). Cure? Incurable".

She replied a whole day later saying "Sorry been at the doctors for that illness you seem to have diagnosed me with.. Appears curable after all"

I waited the same amount of time to reply but before I could reply, she send me a second text in a row saying "I hear congratulations are in order" (this being for passing my university degree).

I said she was invited to celebrate and that smiles must be worn at all times. However, all I got as a reply was "As usual". I replied back with "yeah" to match her interest, then I stupidly sent "Revoked your invite until you produce me a smile." I got no reply from her.

Couple of days later, it was then Father's Day and I remembered she lost her dad when she was younger. I didn't want to send a third text in a row, so I sent her a Facebook message saying "Just wanted to say that your dad will be looking down on you and thinking what an amazing, beautiful daughter he has x".

She replied an hour later saying "You don't know how much that means, thank you babe."

So really, I don't know if I'm over thinking this but I feel like she seems a bit off with me? I've carried on as usual as if nothing as happened but her last response featured a full stop instead of an X at the end.

FINALLY, should I re-initiate texting with her? (It would be three texts in a row). I'd feel kind of desperate, even if she did reply to my Facebook message. OR should I just test her and wait for her to initiate contact? (in the past two weeks, it's been 50/50 with initiation.)


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  • Seems like she goes through phases of being confident and then not wanting to bother you. You're definitely analyzing the last part. If you initiate often it'll probably make her feel better.

    • Ahh, after I tweeted a bit and favourited one of her tweets, she sent me a Facebook message saying "you there? I wanna talk to you" then mentioned about her phone not working. Saw her tweets about that anyway, she's getting her new phone etc. I was a bit busy to get into conversation so leaving it until early today to reply. They say girls want what they can't have I guess, so suppose once in a while it's good not to respond for a bit.

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