Very inexperienced guy needs dating advice based on feedback given by girl

I am a very inexperienced guy (age group: 20-25) who needs some dating advice. I am a virgin and didn't get my first kiss, date and hand holding until very recently (the date in question).

Some time ago I went on my first ever date and then a second but then the girl stopped it. Fortunately she was nice enough to answer why she didn't find me suitable and what I'd like to do here is take what she said and with your help analyze it to identify whether there are things there that might be applicable to not just this one girl but to many and how I can improve on those for future dates.

1) She said that she was attracted to very confident guys which I totally understand and I guess this would apply to most girls. Now generally I'd say I'm quite confident but not when it comes to girls and romance. As this is something I had never ever done before, I was quite lost on these dates regarding when to initiate things such as holdings hands, putting my arm around her and kissing her (she seemed to be hinting at them all the time now that I think of the date retrospectively and probably hoping for me to initiate). However as I had never done this before, I had no idea when to grab hold of her hand (for fear of coming off as too physical i.e after only one thing and hence blow the date completely) or when to go in for the kiss as well as other associated things.

The question being: what are some good tips for being confident around girls/when to escalate physically or how can I at least 'fake it till I make it'?

2) She said that she likes being spontaneous while as I am the complete opposite of preferring to plan everything, analyze the angles, consider options before hand. I even had a look at the menu of the place we went to and picked out the things I was going to eat beforehand. One of the principles I live by is to 'always have a plan', just like the Boy Scout motto of 'Always be prepared'. As such I had put some effort into planning the dates, booking places and such. Its simply who I am.

What I am wondering however is whether a lot of girls like spontaneity or to take it a step further: are they put off by guys who make intricate plans? (though all these plans are for her benefit, nothing creepy)

In case they are, how can I at the very least disguise my plans so as to give the illusion of things being spontaneous?

Thanks for your help
Very inexperienced guy needs dating advice based on feedback given by girl
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