Is he just after sex?

I've been on a couple of dates with this guy, the first we went for a drink and chatted for hours, the second he invited me to his and cooked me lunch, and tomorrow I'm going round to cook him dinner. Things seem to be going great but he's made suggestive comments about us sleeping together and asked me to stay tomorrow because I work in the same town he lives, but he leaves before I get out of bed and instead of offering a spare key he jokes that he'd let me lock up but I might rob him, which makes me think he has no intention of seeing me again.

I met him on a dating site and even though he has talked about us like a couple e.g we and us and mentioned things in the future such as going in his camper van I have a really bad feeling but I've been used a lot before.

He knocked on my parents house door on the first date, and first kissed me at the end of our second date. Is he playing a very good game or am I panicking for nothing? What can I do about the sex thing? I want to wait until we together and want us to be exclusive.


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  • since you don't know him that well your right to question his intentions but in all honesty I don't think there is anything to worry about as you haven't had sex with him yet so I don't think he's trying to rush you into sex and if so he's had allready tried to get some by now , but I do think he wants to have sex with you at some point but he is a guy so that is normal and expected

    • What do you suggest I do? Should I tell him I'm not ready to have sex with someone I'm not in a relationship with but I do really want to carry on seeing him?

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    • I really don't want to make the same mistakes I have made before. I've slept with people from the 2nd date onwards because they said they wanted relationships and they didn't or maybe the sex wasn't good for them and because they had taken the time to get to know me they chucked me. I will tell him and just hope that he is a decent guy.

    • we do learn from our mistakes if you feel you've been down this road before and know what worked and what didn't its best you just wait till you know things are a bit more serious and know for sure he's worth your time , any guy with serious intentions should be OK with waiting

  • Nothing about that story makes me think he's just out for sex. If he joked about sex, it was probably to remind you that he doesn't want to be put in the friend zone.

    • He said he want to f me but he's still on the dating website, that's why I think he might be after one thing.

    • If he puts it like that, then I see your concern.

    • How can I tell him I don't want sex with anybody unless its a relationship without scaring him off, we've only met three times but I think the commitment should come first.

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