I'm so confused about this dude it's not even funny. Help?

Alright, so about a month ago I started talking to this dude and we ended up really, really liking each other. We decided that we wanted to hang out a few times before making anything official, but he ended up asking me out before we hung out and I said yes because I didn't think it would be a big deal considering we were talking almost every single day for a whole month over texts and Facebook messaging.

Before we went out, I had gotten out of a 2 year relationship (6 months ago) and I told him that I was really scared of caring for someone again because that relationship ended on a very bad note.

We went out for about a week and throughout that week, I started to develop lots of feelings for him. I know that it was only a week and that it's not a long time at all, but I couldn't help it. I'm not typically prone to being naive like this, but I really did feel like I liked him and that he was my best friend.

Well, last night he broke up with me because he said that he knew how I felt about getting hurt and he told me that he wasn't the right person to be dating if I felt that way. I was confused and really disappointed because I liked him a lot. Around 20 minutes after we broke up, a mutual friend messaged me on Facebook and asked how I was doing. I told our mutual friend that I was disappointed, but that I would get over it and remain friends with him. It was only a week and there was no need to break our friendship. But then what our mutual friend said to me after this is what triggered the drama-fest. Our mutual friend said to me that the guy I was dating was telling him that he pretty much coaxed me into a relationship to get nudes and that he was getting nudes from other girls throughout the whole week. I was furious and deleted the guy I was dating off of my friends list and that was that. I didn't want to deal with him.

An hour later, I get a text from the guy I was dating asking why I deleted him. I told him what I knew and he tried to come off like he didn't care. I didn't reply because he was being an ass, but after awhile he texted me again with what might as well have been an essay explaining how he was cheated on for 2 years before dating me and that he was physically unable to commit to someone because he was scared like I was, and he didn't know how to handle it. He told me that he truly did care for me and that he thought I was perfect, and he thought he was a sh*tty person for how he is. He basically said that I was too good for him. He said he needed time to "adjust" and that he really did want a relationship with me eventually, but he didn't know how to stop talking to other girls solely for sexual reasons.

Basically what I'm asking is, could he truly just have a problem with this? Is it possible for a guy to be addicted to sexual attention from other girls even though they genuinely care for someone? Or is he full of sh*t and just wanted to cover his ass? I don't know, man. Please, someone give their opinion.


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  • He sucks. Run away. Fast!