Should I be worried about his LuLu rating?

So I have three questions:

1) Does his rating on LuLu (that rates is commitment as very low) mean that he may be playing me? I am confused because he texts me during the day and we always talk about how much we like each other. We can talk on the phone for hours. If I hadn't seen this app, I would think he's a great guy and he is pretty into me (besides the fact that its been 3 weeks and we will have only been on 3 dates). But these girls must know something I don't know, right? Do you think if I have sex with him on the third date, he will just drop me?

2) On our third date this week, should I ask him more serious questions, like about past relationships and stuff? Or is that too soon to get to know each other on a deeper level?

3) I am moving away in two months for a year, although I will visit our city often. Do you think this will negatively effect our relationship's progression? (i.e. do men not want to become exclusive because you are afraid of the girl moving away?)


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  • 1) I had no clue what LuLu is...and you should probably delete that sh*t...I mean, seriously...why would a woman who actually thought their boyfriend was awesome even take the time to go on there to rate how awesome they were? No, it's most likely an app full of angry chicks who were dumped and are simply out to f*** with the guys life by "warning" others...

    2) Sure, be deep. I just met a girl and we got into pretty deep stuff on our first time hanging out...

    3) No, I wouldn't be looking to get invested with a girl who's moving away in the next 2 months for a year. Long distance stuff sucks balls...BUT, if I'm able to see her, say, on weekends, then I'd be OK with that.

    • Thanks for your honesty!

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  • I'll admit first that I skimmed and didn't read all that you wrote, but let me answer you personal experience. Most of the quizzes you see online today are full of current pop culture references, or content from the latest fads and trends. Dating site and relationship profiling is no different. Why? What do the Kardashins have to do with your love life? Easy answer: What you enjoy tells what kind of person you are. I don't watch TV or listen to the radio. I know what I like and I stay true to it, so when I take one of those surveys, I almost never see and option that I am familiar with, so I'll pick the one I've heard of. Another problem I run into are those true false questions where if ANY part is false you say false, or if any part is true you say true. How the heck do you honestly answer those? LOL IN short, my results are almost NEVER accurate. I often get pegged as a hard worker who knows how to manage my time and money. Well that's just not true. I'm a slacker, and a free spirit. I prefer to go where life takes me and I never make plans ahead of time :P

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