Is he mad? I don't get him! He is trying to get me in trouble with the police

This is going to be quite long and thanks so much if you read it!

I met a 20 year old guy online and he gave me his number. I just turned 16 in April. We texted a lot every day and things were going very well between us. It's been over 2 months we started talking. Sometimes we talk on the phone when he rings me but sometimes I can't talk to him because of some family problems etc...

Well this is the important bit. A few days ago at night I was texting him while he was on holiday then I told him to have a good time and I have to sleep. Then he went all mad and angry and said that just a few minutes ago I said we could talk and now I suddenly have to go to sleep. He called me a prick teaser and started swearing at me and threatened me saying he will tell all this to his "copper mate" and he will get me in a lot of trouble and also a lot of my friends because of me. I asked him why he is actually mad and he said because I am being "unfair". Then I found that ridiculous and thought he might be drunk or tired so I ignored his messages and went to sleep. The next day he spoke to me like nothing happened and it made me quite mad because what he said that night was quite serious! I was mad so I gave him short replies like "ok" and "alright" hoping he will get the message. He then threatened me with the same thing as on the previous night and said he is giving his phone to his copper friend and they will sort this out. He also said "have fun with talking to other guys", although I don't talk to other guys other than my friends. Moreover, I loved talking to him and told him I want to meet him (as I haven't met him before) and he keeps saying that I was lying and playing a game with him. But he keeps saying he is going to a club with a lot of women and he is having a lot of "fun". I think he is trying to make me jealous?

I've been ignoring him all day today until I couldn't stand it and told him that I did want to meet him actually etc etc but he is now saying when he gets back from his holiday, I will see what happens next Monday and he told me to expect a knock on my door from the police :(

So now I am so scared and worried, I don't know if he is actually going to do this and what he is actually accusing me of, I don't think the police will bother dealing with such a ridiculous situation like this as they have more important things to deal with. But he seems so serious and I don't know what to do in order to avoid getting my friends and/or family in trouble! :( Should I tell someone? If so, who? And what should I do?

I am sorry for this essay I wrote, but thank you for reading it!


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  • Tell your parents, stop talking and get your number changed ASAP and don't give it to him. Also try and save all the messages between you two just in case. He is trying to make you jealous and it's pathetic. You're underage and he will be the one getting in trouble for trying to mess with a minor. Do not meet me for he may hurt you or cause harm. Don't do it run and run now. He probably doesn't even have a cop friend it's probably a lie. An that cop could get in trouble for not turning his friend in/the guy your talking to because he knows he is doing wrong.


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  • He cannot get you in trouble because he will get in trouble. You are under age, he can go to jail for trying to meet up, because he is going to want to be sexual with you. You have to stop messaging him. He is bad news. He will play with you, he is the one playing games and is turning it on you to make you confused. Stop speaking to him and tell your parents as soon as possible!

    • Thank you, I will tell my parents but his friend is a "copper" and what if he will not get in any trouble because his friend will protect him? :/

    • It doesn't matter if his friend is a cop. You can't get in trouble because you are a minor. He is breaking the law, so you are safe. And the police that your parents call is probably not the same precinct as his friend. But you need to tell your parents, because he is playing dangerous games with your head. (And your parents protect YOU)

  • Why do you even talk to him? He can't get you in any trouble because all you did was talk to him, he is the over age person and he is the one that is aacting wrong because he is threatening you.

    He is trying to get you jealous but he is an a**hole for bitching you out just because you were going to sleep, he doesn't deserve your time.