Should I date him and not judge

So I met this vert hot and funn and nice guy via online da ting, I am persian he is Albanian and I've heard they are controling etc, my family and I are very liberal for being persian ..and he seems the same way cause we both have been raised inn Norway..

So what to do


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  • So because the people from there are known to be controlling, you're doubting on giving the guy a chance? Really? Just go out, get to know him. Just because SOME people from the country (not only that country, you'll find people in your own country who are controlling as well) are said to be controlling doesn't mean he'll be like that. Give him a chance, get to know him. If you get the feeling he's controlling (and that you'll only know by going on some dates with him and getting to know him) then you can have doubts. Don't let some thoughts about the country in general scare you.

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