She hasn't texted me yet and I Haven't texted her but we have each others numbers?

sooo me and my buddy were hanging out at a bar and these girls asked us to join them. they had some guy with them I assumed was gay, because he didn't talk much and actually called me cute. anyway, my buddy and one girl were going hard at each other and I was getting in good with her friend. they asked what we were doing that night, but we didn't want to hang out with them. we wanted to chill, but my friends girl suggested we get each others numbers. so she gave him hers, and my girl handed me her phone. I put in the wrong number purposely, just because I don't like random girls having my number, then she started calling my phone right there. so I didn't want to seem like an a**hole, so I gave her the real number. the storys longer , but I was just wondering why this girl hasn't texted me. I mean, I could text her, but I'm not gonna be that guy. I don't care that much but its really getting to me. I just don't get it. its been like a week.

and she seemed like she was really into me, talking about me being muscular and sh*t like that.

also, I accidently said some sh*t like, "dont text me that sh*ts gay" because I all could think of was bradley cooper saying that in the hangover. I said I was just kidding though. I don't know what do you guys think. I know this sh*ts long


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  • if you gave her a fake number first don't come crying whe she doesn't text you.


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  • being that this took place at a bar and you tried to give her a fake # instead of real one , I'm going to say she decided afterwords she wasn't interested , girls do that , its not uncommon to have a good night out at a bar but not hear anything back from girls who go to bars , maybe try and talk to her if you run into her somewhere maybe ? anyways I doubt very much she is going to text you at this point if its been a week

    • well I kind of played it off like I typed it in her phone wrong, but yeah I figured. just one of those things that are getting to me.

    • anyways I don't think she is interested and likely wouldn't reply if you text her , so just one of those encounters that was fun at the time but didn't lead anywhere