Is he f****ng with me? Should I just forget him? Please help!!

Met him online...he shows great interest...became intimate 4th date I love sex and he knows...he is often busy due to his job and a business...met again after a few weeks cause he was busy... So we met again...tells me he wants to go to places and restaurant since he will be here .. Took my picture because I looked so nice so I sent him another fancy dressed up picture from a party I went to...then I found him back online and puts his picture online right after a fun date. (neither of us had our picture up before). And told me he wasn't talking to other women after 2nd date.

And that he wants to meet me in the city I will vacation in next what's up with all the excitement about going to museum, dinner plans... Which he planned out for the last date...he has showed great interest, respect and romance. Except not a lot of contact between dates...I figure he was busy and not into text...

So I feel like I should just forget him ...advice please help. Thanks


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  • well if he is offering to take you to places where he has to spend money on you then he is clearly interested in more than just sex.

    • correct, I have had wonderful time and he has showed great interested. but, he put up his picture on online dating site right after an amazing date! I am so confused...and today I am finally free told him I can meet up..but he seem uninterested..he said he will call me, so I am not going to bother him now.

      i don't understand why he put up his picture on his profile after us dating for 2 months...and making fun plans for the next few weeks...(tentatively)

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  • I think he isn't looking for just sex or a fling, and the lack of contact is something you can talk to him about. he is actually taking you to places and planing stuff, so that's a great sign

    • yes, I was happy about this guy till I saw him put up his picture online and become active on it .

      i am upset because I thought things are going well...till I saw him do that.

      So why is he back online dating site when he wants to do stuff with me?

    • I wouldn't know, I guess you just have to talk to him about it.

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