Is he into me or wasting time? Opinions needed please!

A guy that I like in the gym, we now talk and he gives me every signal to show me that he likes me. He makes conversation and he's very playful. What began as touching backs has now turned into hugs. He flexes his muscles, touches me- and the very first time he saw me with my make up on etc, he couldn't take his eyes off me.

He also made a comment about how he wants to look good for the girls, but then quickly said 'no, for my self improvement.'

He's really useless at messages, and apparently he is with all of his friends too so he's not the best at replying to all messages.

I messaged him saying we should have a drink up which he was up for but then something came up so I had to cancel on him which I apologized for.

He was perfectly fine with it and we were carrying on as normal. Today however, he didn't really even bother speaking to me like he usually does (at gym) and he was in a hurry to leave. I was speaking to his friend (who asked me out, I rejected and my crush knows this) and he said do not let her distract you as well as the gym not being the place to have a discussion (he has a point lol)

He gives off every indication to say he likes me, via text he is crap and today he was a bit off. I feel like I'm making all of the effort and I just don't know what he is thinking. He is definitely single btw.

Can somebody please suggest what I can do without being too blunt towards him?


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  • Maybe he got mad when you blow him off for getting the drink.Now he doesn't sem interested with the way he is acting. I would say just back away alittle bit and say hi and keep things moving. He knows you are thier.Don't be to eager or seem needy.Let him chase you a little. Play hard to get.You have his number unless you set up another day to go out and get a drink with him.


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