In a stalemate situation. PLEASE HELP!?

So I've kind of gotten into a situation/game where we are both too stubborn to text or make contact with each other. For reasons I'm not sure of really, contact between had dropped. (Note; we are not actually dating) and I hate playing games but we are both shy/proud to admit that we are thinking of each other, which is stupid but that's how we are.

I text her one day, and didn't get a reply, so I thought no big deal Ill leave her for a few days and text again. So I did again, then nothing.

Then two weeks out of the blue she text me, but it was the day after I casually texted a friend of ours to know had she lost her phone or heard from her. It was a bit of a hiya are you etc but then she put 'talk to you soon :)'...but generic and not like she normally would text.

So anyway since then (week and a half later) I Haven't replied because it was a bit of a dissmissive text and I don't think she's into me anymore, but at the same time I really want to talk to her but my head tells me to walk away. Very confused about this? has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?

So I took that as I'm busy and couldn't be arsed talking to you.


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  • Since she was the last to attempt contact, she is probably waiting on you, perhaps wondering if you lost interest in her. I wouldn't assume her motivations (dismissiveness, pride, etc.) on so little information. If you want to make contact, send a text. If you try twice and she doesn't respond to either, you can then assume she's not interested.

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