What should the second date be like?

I've actually never been on a 2nd date before. We just had our first date and it was good.

I feel like after the 1st date, we got somewhat more comfortable with each other. Entering the 2nd date, I'm absolutely clueless. What do?

My initial plan is (yeah, I'm gonna be lame) to take her to see a movie, have dinner afterward. But in the meantime, there's an arcade at the same place. We can have some competitive fun and what not so I can see the more competitive and fun side to her.

Anyways, what are some things that the guy should do on the 2nd date? What should the level of intimacy be? I know it's different for everyone, but I don't want to rush things too fast.

Also, I want to let her know that I like her on this date. Should I just flat out say it or do it without words, just making the move, holding her hand, putting arm around shoulder, and possibly kissing at the end of the date?

I'm leaning towards just flat out saying it by the end of the night.


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  • The second date is the key date! This should be like a circus! There should be all kinds of cotton candy and circus peanuts and other things that are so sweet they will make you sick. There should be plenty of expensive flashing toys that break six to ten minutes after you purchase them. There should be all kinds of animals, fun animals like bears and little dogs doing tricks, and dangerous animals like elephants and tigers and horses (horses are really dangerous. They can bite your fingers right off!). And there should be three rings off awesome going on the whole time. Lots of clowns. Chicks dig makeup and clowns wear all kinds of makeup! And motorcycles driving around at the speed of light in a big metal ball! And tightrope walkers! And a human cannonball at the end! That's how a second date goes!

    Okay, seriously, a second date isn't a big deal. Do something fun that you both enjoy. If you both like the arcade and movies, then that's perfect. Movies don't really let you chat a lot, but there is always time during the arcade for that.

    As for making the move, see how the date goes. See if she is responsive and playful. If she is, you can say something along the lines of, "I really like you. You're fun to hang out with," and see how she responds. You are correct in saying it first. That avoids any awkward physical moments.


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  • You don't need to say it, she will know. And the second date is pretty early to be baring your soul, you know. I'd be more low key.

    There aren't any rules about what do do. I'd personally avoid a movie, unless you're at the making out stage, or unless she really wants to see a particular film. You can't really talk or get to know each other at a movie, after all.

    An arcade, a park, a bookstore, an exhibition of photography...these are places you can interact, and where you can gauge her level of sensitivity and knowledge.

  • The second date should be more about knowing about each other.

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