Has he given up or is he just frustrated?

I've been talking to this guy for over a month. He had been texting me pretty much all day long during this time, but of course, that got old and we started texting less. Anyways, he is a single father and we like about an hour and a half apart. We'd made plans twice now to meet up on his weekends without his kid. Both times, they had to be canceled because his ex needed him to watch the kid. The last time he canceled was Wed. Thursday he made a comment about how we were never going to meet and he was starting to feel dragged down since we keep talking but its going to be at least another 2 weeks before we see each other. I told him I understood and suggested some alternatives. I know he has a kid he has often but was willing to put forth the effort anyways. The next day we texted a few times that morning but I've not heard from him since. Should I text him or has he just given up? Should I just walk away?


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  • I think it will only get worse, because if you get into a relationship then jealousy and trust will come. if you have difficulty now, you will have it every time, so you definitely need to think if its worthy or not.

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