Why would he say that?

So this guy that I really liked began dating someone else. We were always in different places, and I was having some confidence issues that made it hard to get a relationship going between us. I didn't know he was dating someone else, but when he shared that with me he also shared with me this ... that he did want to date me at the time things were 'happening' between us, but that now he never wants to see me again because he dating and engaged to someone else.

Why would he say that to me? Was it really important to let me know I missed a chance with him? Wouldn't it have been kinder to tell me he thought his fiance was amazing instead of I chose her because you weren't ready for me?


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  • it was probably what he THOUGHT you wanted to hear. To make you feel like he actually wanted you during that time and wasn't just playing you or something. Useless really though...


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