After all these he is back on dating site

obvisously I met him online for over 2 months...on second date..he was very excited and told me he is not talking to other women...

6 dates later...

everything seem great...and plans for the next week or two...

after a fun date, the text seem a bit different.

the next day, he is back online w. a picture up (we met w/o picture)...

obviosly we are not exclusive so he can do that...

should I let things be and continue going out when he asks me...and pretend I didn't see the profile...and just have fun...or should I stop contact? or should I talk to him..


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  • he is obviously keeping his options open. he probably likes you but at the same time just like in real life not just on line life people don't just stop flirting with oher people etc as soon as they MEET someone or go on a date or too. however, I don't really think I would be able to simply block it out of my mind after seeing it. I think you should do what you feel you have to do not what other people are telling you that you should do. if you want to confront him about it then do so. at the end of the day though if he really wants to still look for girls online making a big fuss of it will probably not stop him from doing it but make him lie to you about it. so its a fine line. I think though that he might be a bit of a liar. I mean dating is fair game people can do what they like to an extent. however the fact that he actually said to you he isn't talking to other women is a blatant lie. you don't want to get involved with someone who is a liar. liars never change. its a character trait. people never grow out of it.

    • since I am not sure what I want at the moment..i will just play it cool and enjoy...i am just also going to meet more people myself.

      yes...everyting have been good aside from that...

      then I told him I was available to hang out one night..he said he would call me...then didn't call till 9pm...means not going out...which I am fine with...but he could have call earlier ... I would have been okay with...instead..i found him online in the evening...

      he likes me..prob. I don't know...i am not going

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    • yes..again..things seem good to me..till this week.. he wasn't looking the last two months with I am not sure what happened. I have to say, the last date was great...till after we parted...then he is online again...well...see,he can also see me on..but I think if anything, we should talk if we meet again...if we meet again..i will discuss it with him...not sure or if just let it be ... what do you thing..someone said go with the flow lol

    • he is not a faithful sort of guy. if someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat. that's why it is important you commit yourself to a guy with INTEGRITY. he does not sound like he has much. so at the end of the day you will always be paranoid and insecure and wondering with this sort of person. if I was you I would get out now. yea you might like him and he might like you. but he isn't an honest guy. you don't want to be with a liar. but that is up to you.

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  • Since you're not exclusive, you're both free to do whatever you want, although I don't know why he would lie about talking to other women. If you're ready to be exclusive, talk to him about it. Otherwise just keep going out when he asks you and have fun.

    • ahahah should I put my picture up online? lol...

      ehheeh I am not sure what I want at this point...

      if I sense he is not all that into me...i should stop contact?

      or like you suggested...keep hanging out and dating other people for fun?

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    • But for me to be seeing other people, I would want sex as it would not be good to this guy whom I m seeing.

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  • he can still be online since you aren't exclusive, you should do the same thing, a date is not a guarantee of a relationship

  • Ask him