After 8 months NC, he finally texts...

I got a text from a number I didn't have stored in my phone today. I had a new phone recently so I don't have a lot friends numbers. They said they had two tickets to an event (one that I was very interested in) and asked me if I wanted to go, but as I didn't know who sent me the text, obviously I replied asking who it was. When I got the response and saw my exes name... well... I was surprised, but not too shocked. He sent me a friend request on Facebook just over a month ago now (which I declined of course) so I had a feeling he would be in contact again eventually.

What was so funny is there was no apology or anything. I would actually be tempted if I got a nice text apologising for everything but it's as if he thinks it's perfectly normal to walk out of someone's life without a word for 8 months and suddenly reappear without any explanation. All he could say was that he thought I would 'appreciate' the invite... I told him that I would appreciate it, but the problem is I'd be going with him. He said 'I thought that might be a problem for you but the offer is there anyway' and then he went on to send another text saying 'Oh by the way you don't have to look around with me. You could totally go off and do your own thing if you want to'. My last text to him was 'I don't think so. Surely there are other people you can invite.' I don't plan on texting him again.

He replied immediately saying 'Yeah I can. That's fine I was just thinking you might fancy coming. I completely respect the decision. Let me know if you change your mind. x' ha ha as if.

Got to wonder if he's doing this just to see how I am, or to see if he can reel me in again. Or maybe he is just bored in his life?


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  • Probably a combination of all three factors you mention at the end.

    1. For one thing, he's just plain curious what's been going on with you,

    2. He is testing to see if you'll forgive him or not...if he has any chance of 'reeling you in', as you would a fish!

    3. He's single and not enjoying it; he is out of other options, so he figured, give the ex a try. He probably WOULD be happy just to have someone to go with, even if you showed zero romantic inclinations! Loneliness isn't fun.


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  • He might want to be friends with you. He might miss you and want to get back together. It's hard to say without more information. Regardless, you did the right thing; NC is the way to go in this kind of situation.

  • he wasn't to see how you are in life. He also might want to open the door to see if there is still light


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  • I had this happen to me. It was a guy I was seeing and he dropped off the face of earth until a whole year later. I too had a new phone and had no clue who it was. Eventually he talked me into having dinner, which I later found out he was deploying. He then disappeared yet again for a month and then says oh sorry I didn't call more but I was half way around the world. The problem is, he didn't even call ONCE. So it is up to you. I really don't know what to do in my situation. I have yet to find out why people just come and go. But honestly, if you are happy without him in your life and you have more than moved on then why open those cans of worms? If you think he's the one you want, then maybe take things slow to find out his intentions.