Is he over it? (hes 33 I'm 25)

i met this guy 3 weeks ago. we ware not each others type and never expected to hit it off, but we did. he pursued me, took me out and we would see each other everyday almost... until a week ago. we both got out of long term serious relationships earlier this year (we were both the dumpee). He was a playboy when we met, but 3 days after I met him he cut off all the girls he was messing with (his roommate dates my cousin so I have the inside scoop.) He called me babe, texted me every second, told me he missed me, we never did more than kiss... he told me that he wanted to treat me like a lady & show me he didn't want me to just another one of his hoes because I'm different.. suddenly 5 days ago that all changed. the incessant texting stopped and he barely even replies to me. I asked him to hang out a couple times and he seems to be always busy except yesterday when he flat out just didn't respond... is he over it? what do I do to regain his attention/ interest? HELP!


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  • I hate how girls have to be attracted to older guys!

    • that doesn't help me! and I'm usually not. I call him my curveball because he's not what I expceted! can you help me?

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    • says who? I'm one of the rare girls who isn't afraid to approach a guy.

    • really are you serious?

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  • what I would do is let him time to miss me and want to talk to me, if I keep calling him then I would feel like I come across as desperate.

  • He probably lost interest when he realized you weren't putting out

    Or maybe something happened with his ex that's distracting him from you

    What about your cousin or his roommate? They might know something

    • i was the one to initiate the physical stuff and in not so many words I've let him know that I'm ready to "put out" lol ... no one knows anything except that there's no other girls coming over. He was still messing with his ex (on her terms) before we met, but he told her he met someone new and that he couldn't see her anymore.

    • Sounds like messy ex trouble then. I'd say don't push to get too involved with him while all that is going on, he'll decide whether he wants to continue being involved in whatever way with her, or if he's going to move on. Chances are not there is not much you can say that will sway him