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So I'm not talking about sending someone a text late at night (that would obviously be a booty call). I mean you text a girl at like 5, and the conversation goes on for a while. If you weren't interested in the girl, would you eventually end the conversation? Last night I was texting a guy; he hit me up at like 5 or 6 and we ended up texting for a really long time, like until 3am. Anyway is this pretty much an indicator that he likes me. Like if he didn't, but he didn't have anything to do and wasn't gonna go to bed, would he keep texting me just out of boredom or would he make up some excuse to end the conversation. Like I said, I just want to know how to interpret this. Also, does the fact that I stayed up so late give the message that I like him? (I do, I'm just wondering if its obvious?)


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  • I do agree with you. Him wanting to spend that time texting you is a great sign. As long as he seems engaged in the conversation and is making an effort to keep it going and keep talking to you it's always a positive sign in terms of interest


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