There's a profile on I'm interested in, but something seems suspicious

There is a picture of her with her cousin(? it says so in the caption) it's some guy that she has her arm around. I'd say 3/4 of the pictures she has uploaded (14 pictures total) are her doing something with a guy, but he's cropped out just enough so that you know he's there, but she's the main focus.

Normally I wouldn't be weirded out about that, but for those of you unfamiliar with the site, there's a section where you list your "favorite hot spots", aka where you like to hang out in the area you live. Among the places listed, she includes "My cousin's house"

Am I paranoid in thinking he's her significant other and she's looking for someone on the side? If she puts it out there that she's over at his house all the time and has his picture so that dates will assume he's her "cousin", perhaps she figures she can fool some people? Or maybe she thinks some people can figure it out and will be okay with that, because she can't come out and say it on Match because it will get deleted?

Am I being unreasonable, I've heard of some weird things going on with online dating.


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  • I think that is really shady

    • Yeah. What sucks is that she comes across as so sweet...she is a 4th grade teacher and has pictures of her helping children in Cambodia, Panama, African villages etc :(

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  • Without seeing the profile, I wouldn't assume she want something on the site. Maybe it's her ex and they've been together for a very long time so they're in a lot of pictures together. Maybe he actually is her cousin or brother. I'd message her but sooner or later I'd ask if it's her cousin or someone else.

    I wouldn't think someone looking for an affair will put 14 pictures of themselves on a website, it's a bit risky

  • Oh dear. Best course of action: go with your gut.


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