How long should it take a guy to know if he wants to date a girl

I have been occasionally hanging with this guy. We first had sex in April and I wasn't really interested at that time but now I am catching feelings for him. He is a well established guy and has stated that he is very cautious being that he was hurt in his previous relationship. The girl cheated on him. I told him that I am catching feelings which he already knew because my actions says it all. I want to know how long do you think it will take him to decide if I am someone he wants to be with and how would I kno?. I know he likes me too that's not the question but how will I know that he likes me enough to commit or take it to the next level?


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  • You would have known already by now. He isn't going through some process; if he was serious about not wanting to dedicate himself to another person due to previous pain then that's the end of that. When he changes his mind, which could take anywhere from months to years, then you can apply for the position.

    • So would it be best to stop hanging with him or continue?

    • You can do as you please but don't do it with hopes of miraculous change. Things will likely not advance beyond where you are esp. if he's known for some time where you are and is just not responding / disinterested.

  • It would be around the first time he sees her.


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