Do you get nervous when a person you like quits texting during a conversation?

You're having a couple hour long text conversation with a person, then he or she just stops texting. What do you think?

I met him last night, we texted for a couple hours today. Then he just stopped texting. In efforts to not be clingy I haven't texted him. But I take it as a bad sign. Even though I know there can be a billion reasons why he hasn't texted.

Well, I waited about an hour and he just texted me. :)

I guess I'll wait two hours then text him. lol Just playing.


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  • "We texted for a couple of hours" let this guy have a life too...that's a lot of newbie texting.. maybe he just had to work..or eat. .wouldn't read into that.


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  • I think "just like any other guy", nnot in a bad way, just that they don't really like to text like girls do