Girls, how often do you like the guy you like to text you?

I text with the girl I like almost every single day and I like to text her and keep in contact since we can't be together too often. I'm scared of starting to annoy her by us texting too much. We both initiate back and forth but every time I initiate I always feel like I could be bothering her, not for any particular reason. So there stands the question, how often do you want the guy you like it are dating to text you?


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  • If you guys are dating they of course she will want to talk to you. Relax! I see my boy friend a lot but I still always like to get texts from him. A little excitement in my day, and I am sure your girl friend is the same way when you text her. She will appreciate that you like talking to her. Trust me if she really can't talk she will tell you, but even then don't take it personally she will still want to talk to you later.

    • I just don't want to come off as clingy or anything, we talk to each other until like 2am every morning and I feel like it might just get boring or tiring if we keep that up all the time ya know? I don't mind it cause I love socializing especially with er but I don't want it to start bugging her

    • Trust me she wants to talk to you just as much as you want to talk to her if not more. You say you both initiate the conversation which means she likes talking to you. I bet she is feeling the same exact way when she text you. And its text if she dose not want to talk to you she just won't respond.

    • It's just hard to judge cause you can nevers wallet know how other people are feeling about things. I guess you're right about the not responding thing I just really like her so I always feel like I'll mess up

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  • i only like when they text for valid reasons, if they just want to talk then they should just ask me out

  • i prefer not to text unless it is necessary

  • Daily or every other day

    • Doesn't daily get a little tiresome tho?

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    • Oh man that's brutal! :P

    • Lmao

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