Guys if you only initiate contact maybe once a week, is that all you want to talk to the girl?

Whether it be texting/snapchat/fb message, whatever. I'd say for every 3 times I initiate, he initiates once.


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  • Yes, with contact down to once a week, that means he's not really that interested. As a rule of thumb, in your case, you're 3x more interested in him than he is in you due to the 3:1 initiation ratio.

    This happens to me sometimes when I have several women who I'm texting at a given time. The ones I'm most interested in get contacted 2-4 times per week, whereas contact with the less attractive/interesting ones drops off sharply. The level of contact shoots up when I'm dating someone exclusively.

    You're certainly giving him openings to continue the conversation with you, but he's just not biting. Your best option is to fall off the map for a while and wait for him to come find you.


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