The ex texted me, she wants her stuff back, what do I do?

Hello guys and girls. The ex who cheated, and I caught her is down and sorry, she sent me a text though saying she will need her econ book and blankets( that have sentimental value to her).

I want to make her realize you don't lie and stuff. What will make her think about her actions more?

Do I act like it doesn't bother me and tell her to just come over and get it.

Or do I let her know it bothers me, and say you can pick it up at my front door.

Please get back to me.

I just want to get her thinking* meaning will she be shocked more if I act like I don't care and its all casual. Or do I just throw it on the ground in front of m ydoor.


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  • act like you don't care, she is waiting for you to be hurt. so let her know she won't do that.


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  • You should say what you need to say in order to get closure.

    What do you want to do?

    Ask her why she did it?

    Scream and yell?

    Say what you feel you need to say.

    • She might be more effected if you leave her stuff on your stoop and don't answer the door or her text. Simply say its on the porch and leave it out that.

      That all depends on if she cares about her relationship with you and your opinion of her, and how emotional she is.

    • Interesting point. She cared a lot during the relationship and afterward she seemed to knew that she was bothering me. Obviously she knew it hurt me at first because I flipped when she finally told me the truth when I confronted her. And she always said she knew how girls worked*, she used to get really jealous if I was with other girls or even texting them.

  • just leave them at the end of your drive way and tell her to come get them


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  • Just give them to her and if she harasses you further, get a restraining order. Trust me, ending up on Judge Judy for this would probably not be fun