Do you have to already like a guy to go on a date with him?

Ima just start at the beginning for you to understand the situation.

For a while, there's been this girl I see walking around campus.

I always thought she was gorgeous, and she looked like a nice girl.

So naturally I wanted to talk to her, but of course I didn't just go up to a random girl and say hi.

The semester was about to end, and she was just sitting there. I couldn't risk not seeing her again, so I went up to her, asked if she was single and available, and got her number.

Now I have a date with her this Thursday. I was talking to a friend about it, wether it would go well or not, and I said it probably won't be anything special.

She keeps saying she must already like me at least a little bit if she agreed to go on a date with me.

But I disagree; I don't believe a girl has to like a guy to go on a date with him.

So now I'm asking you girls.

Explain as much as possible please.

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  • I don't have to like him
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This really depends on the guy and how well I know him. If I don't know him well (meaning not enough to decide whether or not I like him), but am interested, I'll go on a date to see how it goes.

    If I've known the guy for awhile and have had multiple interactions with him, I'll know whether or not I like him and if I don't, I won't go on a date.

    Bottom line: this girl is AT LEAST attracted to you and slightly intrigued to go on a date with you. I've never gone on a date with a guy I wasn't attracted to (well...ok, except for that one blind date but that's irrelevant here lol) or if I didn't see potential.

    • Can't base it on just yourself. That's why I'm asking this, to get numerous answers.

      But thanks, this is still encouraging.

    • You realize this is personal question, right? Of course I'm going to base this just on myself...I don't know the girl. Otherwise, what's the point of generalizing and giving an inaccurate answer. It's up to you to determine her reaction.

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What Girls Said 8

  • Sometimes I like the guy already, and sometimes I'm indifferent towards him but want to give him a shot. I definitely won't agree to a date if I dislike him.

  • B, because you can get to know a guy in the date. I would have to find the guy attractive but not necessarily like him, because I don't really know how he is and his personality.

    • Yeah I'm also thinking about the attractive part haha

      Idk if she needs that or not

  • I don't have to like a guy before going on a date with him, but I at least have to like him as a person. If I hate him or dislike him, then I would never date him.

    • Well of course

    • You'd be surprised how often that isn't common knowledge. Some guys relentlessly pursue women who are clearly annoyed by them. No idea why they'd do it.

    • Really? Wtf?

      What kind of moron would do that?

      I'm even more disappointed with men now.

  • No I mainly have to trust him and I have gone on dates with guys I didn't have a crush on many times

  • yes, I have to

  • i just have to trust him

  • no, I have to like him as a person though

  • I am willing to get to know a person by going out on a few dates before I decide I like him or not. Others may disagree.


What Guys Said 2

  • Depends where you're taking her a lot of girls would go on one date with a guy they don't like for a free meal/good time

  • She doesn't have to - but that is what the first date is all about - impress her, get her to like you.