Not sure what to do about this girl? I think I may be overreacting?

I've been getting to know this girl through messaging/texting/phone, etc, (we are yet to meet) and she's been showing a lot of signs this month that she's interested. She'll say certain things like "hehehe" or that I'm on her mind, etc.

One example was when her phone wasn't working, she said on Facebook "you there? I wanna talk to you" then once she got her new phone, one of my texts was "First letter C, handsome chap, etc. No more clues x", she replied "Hmmmm.. Well I only know one handsome chap with a name starting with C :) x".

But yeah, I ended up getting to the point of asking her out somewhere but she said "Not til you play on snapchat or facetime I'm afraid x", which I understand due to safety.

We ended up snapchatting and she sent me a few with smiles, one saying "Here's a smile to brighten up your day :)", so I sent one back saying if she gives me her best smile, I'll show her mine. Although four hours later she sent one of her hair being stuck up with shampoo. It kind of feels like she ignored my playful reply and her snap was sent to a lot of people.

Then I saw on Facebook that she liked another guys photo who she doesn't seem to know, etc. It kind of sparked jealousy and I decided to remove snapchat for some reason.

I guess part of me figured I might be getting played and what she says to me, she either doesn't mean or maybe says it to others. I worry about this because I've been played before.

But I was getting bored of snapchat anyway, so I deleted my account. I guess if she seems interested in me, she'll text me.

I'm surely overreactng, but I guess I don't want to find out I'm wasting my time. Should I just wait to see if she initiates with me again? She usually does through text. Although, lately it's been through snapchat but I've got rid of it.


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  • I think you are over analyzing.

    • My worst enemy.. as long as she's responding flirty and playfully then I take it there isn't a problem. If she was interested in someone else I guess she'd give me short cold answers to let me down.

    • Exactly. She wouldn't even bother snap chatting or face timing you either.

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  • I'd never lay my heart online like that I think I've watched to many #catfish episodes :o

    • We've spoken for long enough for her to trust that I am who I am. I mean if she really doubted me, she'd ignore or block me, yet she initiates flirty conversation. We did snapchat for a week, so she's seen more angles of me but I grew tired of it and deleted my snapchat account. Going to tell her to use facetime as she uses it a lot. She wanted us to do facetime before she'd agree to meet. Any more excuses after this, I'll remove her and move on.

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  • For the sake of argument let's just say you're overreacting. Have you told her you got rid of Snapchat? She might wait for you to show up there. Kind of an important update if you wish to continue. Also, if you're the "handsome chap" that she's never seen how do you know she finds you handsome? Just a question.

    ... Again with zero timeline.

    • She's seen my pictures on Facebook/twitter and the ones we send to each other on Snapchat. I also deleted my snapchat account (so it would probably remove me off friends lists) and I also tweeted about deleting it.

      I know I'm overreacting but I don't want to relive getting played again. She's great to talk to and we click, we flirt and act playful but I suppose it just sparked jealousy when she liked another guys picture lol. Made me think the things she said to me seem worthless

    • How long have you known this person?

  • Yep I think you'r over-reacting too ...