Guy told me he liked me, is acting weird/cold after I said I like him back

And not in the "He's just shy around you now!" endearing way.

Two weeks ago, he said that he likes me and I'm the type of girl he goes for, and he's constantly putting his hands on me, either "accidentally" or blatantly. He even came really close to me, looked my body up and down, licked his lips, and looked into my eyes for my reaction. I was SURE these things meant he was interested on some level. Right?

Feeling confident, I texted him a few days ago to say that I like him and think he's kind (was pretty nonchalant about it). He responded by calling me "Ms. [My last name]" and said that it meant a lot to him. lol, wtffff

We're not friends, but wouldn't he be more familiar if he had any interest? Am I wrong or is that basically blowing me off?

Today was the 1st time I'd had contact with him since that regretted text.

We said bye, shook hands, walked away, and then he turned back to me and did the sign of the cross blessing on his body. (One hand down the chest, then across). He's not even religious. I... really don't know what he was trying to tell me with that.

I'm just super confused. Was he flirting in some weird way, or should I just reactive my online dating profile? idk, but he just seems like a weirdo to me now.


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  • Texting...that's the first problem I see here.

    I would never communicate anything important like that using text messages, and I try to text as little as possible.

    Now...I'm going to give you different advice than everyone else is giving you...

    He might actually be a nice guy. But the fact is that you don't know him well enough yet.

    In general, I think a lot of people today try to move too fast into relationships before they've gotten to know you. It's not just you, of course. I've met girls who are in a relationship after 72 hours of first meeting a guy. That's silly. Add to that our over-reliance on technology for communicating, and it's obvious why society has gotten so dysfunctional. Our parents never had these problems.

    I can't tell you a whole lot more about your mystery guy without context, but I can tell you that I deal with a lot of eccentric people...and while I can perfectly understand why you think his behavior is strange, he hasn't done anything yet that I would call really strange.

    If you hang around circles of creative types -- like artists, actors and mathematicians -- his behavior probably wouldn't even register as weird. But context is everything. If he's 30-year-old bank teller, then that's fricken weird behavior.

    My other thought is that he might not be taking things as seriously as you. I actually laughed a little when he addressed you as Ms. ("Miss" would be better). It seems rather comical, and what make it even funnier (no offense) is your reaction to it.

    In fact, I've certainly had girls address me in even weirder ways, when emailing me. I'm pretty sure I've been called "Mr." on some occasions, in response to my proposals, even when they claimed to be interested in me. Of course, we guys expect girls to be weird so we don't even think twice about that kind of stuff. If I was going to only consider girls who never act even slightly odd...well, the choices would be very limited!

    Anyway, I wouldn't automatically assume he was trying to be cold. In fact, the fact that he said it meant a lot to him is way more significant than how he addressed you. Again, I don't know the circumstances, but my best interpretation if he doesn't normally call you "Ms." is that his reply is an ironic mixture of seriousness and sillyness at the same time, and he may be aware of that irony.

    It's serious because it's so formal, but it's silly because it's not normal to be so formal. And people tend to use that irony when they're in settings that feel inappropriately serious. Like telling someone how you feel with a text message. Does that make sense?

    A million possible reasons, and I'm not even going to speculate about the the cross thing. Maybe he meant "peace"...but honestly, the handshake is the weirdest thing you've mentioned. Be careful...he could be a psycho like that James Holmes guy in Colorado. But he could also be a normal guy with a few eccentricities.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I've known him for a few months, but you're right -I don't know him very well. And the text was my attempt at being nonchalant. I'm extremely shy, so if I didn't send the text, I wouldn't say anything that all. (which is what I should've done) I realize that I'm way reading too much into everything. I just found it all confusing.

    • Well, believe me that I certainly relate to the shyness, but sometimes I wish we didn't have the technology we do, because it's too much of a crutch. Anyway, I don't think you did anything wrong so no need to have regrets!

      Seriously, no regrets! You haven't done anything wrong.

      Now that I think of it, the guy sounds like he was a bit weird from the said he "looked my body up and down, licked his lips, and looked into my eyes for my reaction" That sounds weird, doesn't it?

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  • ?!


    I would cut this one loose, you might have dodged a bullet on this one.

  • Your prospective man is insane. Congratulations!

    Lo! The reason you cannot configure what he's thinking or doing is because it doesn't make sense in any human culture on the planet. What he doesn't know ( and this is tricky ) is that by not making sense to anyone he'll stop making sense to himself too.

    • hahaha, thanks. Yeah, trust me... I REALLY regret that text. He seemed normal at the time, I swear!

    • People react in all kinds of wonderful ways to positive news. Most of them aren't positively. Silly humans.

  • It sounds like he is extremely uncomfortable around women and doesn't know how to act around you.

    • Hm, possibly? I mean, he's really confident (or seems to be) and is very extroverted, but that doesn't mean he's confident with women. It's just throwing me because he had the temerity to check me out like that and say that he likes me. Maybe he's moved on in the past week, idek.

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  • dont text, try to be with him face to face.

  • He must have just liked the chase.

  • thats really wierid.he likes you but is weird about it.

  • you guys did everything in the most uncomfortable way

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