How do you know when it's time for a relationship?

Guess these questions are more towards a woman's point of view.

Dated this girl at the start of year for about month. She just got out of relationship and I didn't want to deal with emotional baggage of her break up. Recently we reconnected after no contact with each other for about 3 months. She is well over her break up now, and as she put it “I am in a better state of mind and moved on from the EX”.

When we first dated she would not commit to dates even if it was a week out, she would say “I don’t know that’s a long time from now”. Now she's willing to talk about plans together, even if they are months in advance, she says “ The only we she is not making it is if she or I die”. She also said she would not make plans so far in advance is she didn’t see us together at that point. We are talking about a vacation about 6 months in the future.

She also was very closed off on her communication ( she wouldn't tell me about her weekend adventures), she really wouldn’t open up to me. Now she is like a open book and willing to discuss anything with me.

We have not had the” do you want to be exclusive talk” seeing how we just reconnected and it's only been month again. Now the dating has gotten to physical stage, we have sex every time we see each other. She tells me she does not sleep around and does not do one night stands. She says she only has sex with people she trust. Has mentioned many times she really trust me.

My questions are-.

1. Do woman look see the whole picture? She looking at that we just had a break and the dating never really stopped?

2. Since we are having sex is she waiting for the exclusive talk?

3. At what point does this turn into a relationship, is there some time limit? Seems she might be in hurry now then before.

4. Is she already in a relationship with me and waiting for me to start the talk?

Thank for any advice.


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  • 1.-it depends on the girl

    2.-i think its up to you

    3.-well a month can be a limit,

    4.- she can't assume things, you need to talk


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  • once you are sure about her feelings and your feelings

  • Take things slow and see how she FEELS about you romantically. Just from reading your post, I am getting the impression that she might just want to be fwb, but I could be wrong. In my opinion, this isn't a good time because I can tell that she's not ready to move on to anything serious, because she's not really opening up. She is a bit more comfortable around you now and is willing to discuss things, but I don't know if she's ready for the next step. I would simply ask her.

    • She has opened up, but FWB is a distinct possibly. I didn't peg her for that kind of woman since she talks about trust and how she looking at the long term plans we are arranging for 6 months down the road. She says she doesn't make long term plans if there was only going to be short term goal.

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  • If she thinks she has you caught, and you act like a puppy on a leash...she will not say anything about the status of the relationship. But, if you keep her guessing and wondering about you, by being a challenge, it will drive her crazy...therefore causing her to ask about becoming exclusive. Sounds like you haven't done the latter. Instead, you've given her what she wants, and for now..if the sex is good... she's not going to question your feelings.

    • You sound like you read the The System, but I would have to agree. Either way don't think that conversation will happen. Since we both are getting what we want.

    • Yes, I'm familiar with the system. As for each of your numbered questions...honestly they no longer matter at this point. The game is point in asking about the rules and strategies of the game now! Hope things work out in your favor man.

    • If you read the system, the game is never over lmao!