Would he be weirded out if I texted him? (you need to know the story)

Ok... (deep breath) So there's a guy I am for some reason extremely "crushing on" as you would call it. We are both actors for our school and spend play season together each year. He had a girlfriend during last years play, but this year he doesn't (though he is heartbroken a little still ) (they broke up 3 months ago). He offered to bring and take me home from school every day (45 minutes each way) and that made me very excited! We have spoken as friends a little bit in the past, (obviously) but not enough to be called close friends. We both recently were at the same retreat last week and he asked for my number for "driving purposes" and we had a small conversation at that time. I saw him flirting around a lot with this one girl from another town we will never see again (but still) and so I kinda left the situation alone. After the retreat, I sent out a blast to the mass of people who went and stated I was very blessed to have everyone there and that I would be praying over their next years troubles and wished them the best ! It was not a text most people replied to, mostly girls replied, but he was in that group that was sent the text and he didn't reply to it. I was a little bummed, but it led me to believe he wasn't interested. At the same time though, he is always staring at me and talking to me for short times when he can, not overly though. My question now is this...to you guys out there, being him, would you freak out if that girl texted you again? I honestly don't wanna relationship as my main goal, I just wanna feel more comfortable driving home from school every day and become closer friends first...WHAT DO I DO!?


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  • "My question now is this...to you guys out there, being him, would you freak out if that girl texted you again?"

    Freak out? Nah. It's not like you're some random stranger. You'll be fine.

    "WHAT DO I DO!?"

    Just act normal/casual. Find out if he's free and make plans to hang out.


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  • you will be fine, just go for it.