Opinions Girls, Amazing first meet.. Flick of switch... very quiet Complicated suggestions ?!

Started talking to this girl 6 months ago, met online via dating website and started texting general chat. However we never met and we just stopped talking and sent her a text 6 months later one morning and she was surprised to hear from me after such a long time. Long story short, wanted to meet up, seemed really keen to meet me and the chat turned to sex etc., to be arranged it for me to go to hers. She said things like "why did we ever stop talking" and "why aren't they're more guys like you"

We started talking again on the Tues and we met on Thursday night, things moved very quickly. I'm 22 and she 24.

She even agreed to cook me some food as I was coming from work pretty much and she was all nervous to meet me etc. texting all the time.

Got there around 6.30pm, we had dinner and chatted for ages; spoke about life and just about everything really, past relationships, family hobbies, lots of laughs etc. Definite connection

Seemed quite distant in the fact of being close even though I had couple beers and she has couple glasses of wine.

When we went upstairs around 10ish, I agreed to give her a massage and she gave me one back. Well in the end we ended up having sex etc. Got to sleep around 1.

In the bedroom seemed to be much more affectionate. We had sex twice at nice and once in the morning. One thing that struck me as a surprise, Was very comfortable around me and I’m pretty confident as a guy. She said" tonight has gone so quick, wish we had more time together" so I suggested meeting up next weekend and she said that would be good. So I left it at that. She had to leave for work for 10. We had shower together, she got ready and everything was great, offered me breakfast and eventually said our goodbyes drive safe etc. thanks for an amazing night. Said let me know when your home safe etc.

We anyway, I did that let her know when I got home thanked for everything, I think I ended up texting to much but she didn’t seem all the interested. So left it few days, ended up having a 40 min phone call and everything seemed fine. So I asked her about seeing her next weekend on the things we discussed and she just changed the subject, turns out 2 months before all this she has had a miscarriage and the ex. He’s in the army, she didn't want the kid in the end but found it had and said to me that she needs some time and space to get over this. She always reply to our texts but never seems that keen over text and she still likes her ex, but doesn't want to be with him.

Though she said she wants to see me again and would let me know when she’s free.

I may have come across needy over text or what? I am not sure what to do; I’m pretty sure she likes me but doesn't want to get hurt. She said she wants to keep her options open and I should do them same she doesn't want me to get attached just thought she was nice. Just want to understand what’s going on. She has been very honest about anything I ask her. Always replies but doesn't start texts.


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  • Maybe she does really just need time and space. I have a friend that went through a miscarriage and it's an extremely difficult time, especially when you are confused about a relationship, as she may be. When I"m not ready to talk to a new guy or when the last relationship ended badly or was difficult I'm hesitant on making first moves. I want the guy to show me he means what he says. Ask her if she wants to continue talking or if she'd rather you just left her alone completely. If she says she wants left alone completely then leave the ball in her court and tell her to let you know when she's ready to get together again or talk again. Then in the meantime just go about your life and see what happens.


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  • maybe she's dating someone else

  • Give her some space and time and then see what happens.

  • no, uts most likely her, she must have felt lonely so she accepted to meet you but doesn't want to take it farther.


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