We are not seeing other people but seeing how it goes. Good sign?

I was talking to the guy I was dating last night. Found out I was the only one he was dating.

I mentioned I was not dating anyone either and would find it disrespectful if he was while we were sleeping together.

He agreed as well. Then we agreed to not see anyone else and concentrate on seeing how we go together.

It may or may not work out but it might so we are going to give it a shot.

Does this mean we are officially seeing each other now? I would have liked to have made it more serious but did not want to scare him off it has only been almost a month.

He has always initiated texts and made plans with me before hand as well. A day or two in advance. All good signs so far. I think.

Just wanted to ease into it and happen naturally and make sure we were on the same page.


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  • uhhh yes


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  • yeah I would say so. and yeah I would have to say if your sleeping with someone regularly it is extremely disrespectful to see others

    • Damn straight! We date as well as sleep together and get to know each other personally as well. Really like everything I have seen so far. Hopefully it works out.

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  • yes, you are commited.